National study for Bulgaria

INVOLVEMENT OF COMPANIES IN THE FIGHT AGAINST GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE The CARVE project is very innovative as a perspective for discussions on the ways and approaches for involvement of business in Bulgaria in the fight against gender-based violence. The process of selection and involvement of companies in the national Interview Program in Bulgaria and the interviews themselves, held in the period …


Publications on women’s and girl rights

The Women’s UN Report Network (WUNRN) is in charge of providing tools for gender advocacy and action so as to advance women’s and girl’s rights. As part of their mission, they publish an extensive amount of research, report, news and information on women and girls of the world. Available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian), their website …


National Study for Greece: Companies against #GBV

The CARVE national Study for Greece includes the findings of the desk research and interviews held with companies, and provides details about gender based violence issues in Greece in the following contexts: the existing institutional and legal framework; the extent of the phenomenon; actions undertaken to address it; the perception of Greek enterprises and the good practices recorded. Download the …

Eleven Ways

Media & Prevention of violence against women

Communication about the issue of “Prevention of Violence Against Women” is necessary to raise awareness and address this issue, but often complicated due to poor understanding, myths and resistant attitudes. These barriers are however the main reason why it is necessary for practitioners to work with media and encourage the inclusion of prevention messages in new stories. Acknowledging this issue …

Champions of change

Male Champions of Change and gender equality in Australia!

Male Champions of Change is an initiative born in Australia with the aim to involve “men of power and influence” in the fight to achieve gender equality their organisations and communities. The group provides many concrete advices on their website for men who would like to engage in this issue. It also include the guide “Playing Our Part: Workplace Responses …

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is your business

The Equality and Human Rights Commission of the United-Kingdom designed a campaign pack for employers to take action against domestic abuse. It recalls facts and figures on domestic abuse in the UK, its impact on the workplace, provides employers with advices to address it and even offers a poster and a quiz to bunk one’s stereotypes and prejudices. A must-read …


Project: Job-keeping or vocational integration for victims of domestic violence

The projects “Domestic violence: the intruder in the workplace and vocational integration” aims at providing awareness and information to the victims of violence, and to do so at the workplace or at the time of integration in employment. It has been led between 2010/2011 by six European NGOs and trade unions from Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain and Greece. As part of …

Copying Impact

Guide: Coping with the impact of partner violence at the workplace

As part of the European project “Job-keeping or vocational integration for victims of domestic violence”, the Spanish NGO Asociació Salut i Familia elaborated the worth-reading guide “Coping with the impact of partner violence at the workplace”. Concise and clear, this guide provides professionals with valuable information to understand the nature of gender-violence, its impact on the workplace, and with tools …

Gender Statistics Database

EU gender statistics database

Finally! The European Institute for Gender Equality has launched a database containing gender statistics from all the European Member States. The statistical evidence it is providing will surely be instrumental to advocate for and implement efficient measures to make gender equality a reality in Europe! +info: external link