ONU Femmes

A UN framework to prevent violence against women & girls

With the inclusion of the objective to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls and of all harmful practices in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and in the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN as a strong mandate for moving forward. Acknowledging that most guides to action are focused on assisting and supporting affected individuals, UN Women decided …


The CARVE study in Bulgaria: infographic

Clear, concise and to the point infographic summing up the main outcomes of the study led in Bulgaria by CWSP in the framework of the CARVE project. +info: external link

Odigos apodrasis

“How to Escape” from a Violent Relationship

This Guide in Greek on “How to Escape” from a Violent Relationship, informs women in a violent partner situation, as well as any other person interested in the subject, about what she can do, where to seek help and what services can be provided to her by the health, social care, judicial and public order system in Greece. It describes, …

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Belgium national study : Companies against #GBV

One of the main activities of the “CARVE – Companies against gender violence” project consisted in carrying out qualitative national studies that aimed at presenting the national legal and social backgrounds as well as the way violence committed against women is treated by companies. In this national study, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ presents the results of the field investigation carried in …

Break the chain

Workshop: Human Trafficking and Companies Reaction

Speakers: Hercules Moskoff (Greek National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings), Pakis Papademetriou (CSR Hellas Vice-Chair of the B.o.D. – Manager, Corporate Quality, International Athens Airport), Dr. Fiori Zafiropoulou (Lecturer on Social Entrepreneurship & Expert in “Aephoria” Incubator & “The Nest” Social Enterprise), Kostas Kalargiros (OD & Sustainability Director Delhaize SEE Region), Ioannis Triantafillis (General Director, Central Markets and Fishing …

Carve Study

French national study: Companies against GBV

In France, in 2014, more than 216,000 women reported that they had been physically and/or sexually abused by their former or current intimate partner (spouse, common-law husband, civil partner, boyfriend, etc.). This violence affects all segments of the population, including women employees. Companies are affected by this topic, but very few of them have given consideration to the matter. This …


National study for Spain : Companies against #GBV

In Spain, the fight against gender-based violence is almost only focused on eliminating male domestic violence against women (which is called gender-based violence in the law). It led the State to take important measures to tackle domestic violence from 2004 onwards and to foster the commitment of companies to eliminating this plague. Completing the first part of the CARVE project …

Report Workplace

Effects of sexual violence on employees and the workplace

In 2014, UNSW Australia released a report on the impact of sexual violence on employees and the workplace. This innovative research focuses on sexual violence that has happened in any context of the person’s life, women and men alike (even though women are overwhelmingly represented). Since it is estimated that, in Australia, 1 in 6 women / 1 in 20 …

Workplace violence prevention

Canada: Workplace violence prevention

The legislation on workplace violence prevention of Ontario (Canada) is particularly interesting: it considers domestic violence as a workplace issue since it can affect the safety of workers, and includes it in the general workplace prevention policies that employers must set up and respect. The province of Ontario adopted the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act in 2010 that addresses …